Go Public Attorney

You can easily realize the benefits of going public:

Some of these are to raise money, have easier access to capital, capitalize your earnings, increase your wealth, motivate key employees with stock options, acquire other companies for cash, and much more. 

Our goal is to help you get all these benefits by being expert in the process of going public and assisting you in maximizing the amount of funds raised and minimizing the cost. 

There are many competent securities attorneys out there but we know of none that is a former market maker who traded many new issues, we know of none that sold new issues to individuals and institutions,and we know of none that was an underwriter. All of this is our unique experience and you may be surprised to find just how useful this will be in your achieving your goals. 

What this expertise means to you is that we can more effectively help you formulate your investment case and present it effectively to underwriters and investors. 

We can show you how to market your IPO and avoid disasters like the Facebook face plant where the stock crashed after the underwriting from $38 to $20, Facebook faced more than 40 lawsuits because of their mistakes. 

This is a complex and sensitive process and you want experience and judgment on your team. 

To get it, contact us at John.Lux@Securities-Law.info.

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